Every season at Three Oaks has its distinct charms.

In winter, time seems to slow down as the earth rests.  Snowfalls blanket the ground and soften the sounds of the birds and the creek.  It is a peaceful, reflective time.

Summer brings warm and even hot days, but the altitude of the Cumberland Plateau insures that most evenings are pleasant.  The lush surrounding forest also helps to protect Three Oaks from the summer heat.

In summer, our guests enjoy complimentary organic treats from our garden, and in every season, delicious eggs from our happy, free-ranging hens.
The Guest House in winter
Treats from Dee's garden
Dee's sunflowers
Spring and fall are favorite times.  In spring, the Mountain comes alive with fresh green shoots and blossoms of every kind.  Hummingbirds return from the tropics and life is awakened.  Fall brings crisp, clear days when the brilliant autumn colors blanket the mountain slopes and the famous "Sewanee fog" can roll in, giving field and forest a mystical beauty.
Dee and Victor in spring daffodils
The call of the wild geese as they descend through the mist to land in the pond is an unmatched thrill.  In spring and fall, guests especially enjoy leaving the bedroom windows open at night, falling asleep to the lulling sounds of Laurel Branch as it gurgles along through the nearby forest.  The distant call of the Great Horned Owl echoes above the croaking frogs in the pond.
Below:  Laurel Branch flowing along a snowy course in winter.
If you are lucky enough to be here on a wintry day, you may enjoy the magical experience of a moonlight walk along Laurel Branch, with snow-laden holly trees glistening and icicles shimmering along the banks.

Whenever you come to Three Oaks, you will find it to be a special place, a place of wonder and beauty, where life moves to an ancient wisdom beyond our understanding... a place where you can find yourself again.
Icicles fall gracefully from the rock ledge


photos by Stephen & Dee